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Innovative Design Concepts for Property Hoardings across Various Industries

Hoardings work! They are one of the oldest formats of advertising and they are thriving to this day. When it comes to real estate outdoor advertising, hoarding plays a very important part as it creates an awareness of the property amongst other promoters, buyers, investors, or tenants. They provide an avenue to showcase the brand identity and details of the real estate project. A well-designed hoarding will create an interest in the minds of the potential buyers and lead them to generate potential leads. Strategic placement of the hoarding and designing will be beneficial for the project.

If you’re looking for some innovative ideas for your property marketing, your search ends here. Let’s discuss some of the property hoarding concepts that will boost your real estate branding.

Real Estate Hoardings by Real Estate Graphics Design Agency India

When it comes to real estate hoarding design, it is recommended to use large visuals and fonts as they captivate the attention of the on-looker. Make sure to keep your real estate branding signage up to date with the latest information and trends. Position the visual communication billboard in such a manner that it is visible at all times. One of the most crucial parts of the site branding strategy is the placement, it should align with the availability of the target audience. Keep the graphic design of the billboard simple and do not overcrowd it with too much information as the attention of the viewers gets distributed and the aim is not fulfilled.


Engaging Hoarding Design Ideas for Hotels

Using Hoardings for your hotels is a great way to attract potential customers. Hotels can use hoardings for a lot of purposes. You need to make sure that you focus on the idea of promoting your hotel amenities and provide a sneak peek. This generates curiosity amongst the customers and increases engagement.


Eye-catching Designs for Shop Hoardings

Who said marketing of your product can only be done after it is open? Start advertising your store before it opens by using large store signage and wayfinding billboards with the tags opening soon or the opening date of your store across the large boards. This will draw the attention of the passersby and bring it to their notice that something new is coming into town. Use various lights and colours to illuminate your hoarding design and make it eye-catching.


Welcoming and Informative Hospital Hoarding Designs

Patients or the loved ones of patients are often looking for emotional support. Hospital hoarding designs should contain encouraging or emotional quotes. These billboards or hoarding designs which put them at ease also elevate the credibility of the hospital. Make the billboard patient-centric, using real images that will create a sense of confidence and reliability too for the hospital.


Captivating Restaurant Hoarding Design Concepts

Restaurant hoarding designs should reflect what your restaurant is about. The spices and taste shouldn’t just stay in your dishes. They must be sprinkled across and reflected through the billboard. Make it complement the exterior and the interior design of the restaurant to create an aesthetic space that enhances the dining experience.


Attractive Construction Site Hoarding Designs

It started with a necessity but became a thing of its own. Construction sites needed temporary boards installed to shield the ongoing development. Now they give you a unique chance to advertise your brand. These hoardings often cover large areas and are highly visible to passing traffic and pedestrians. They can be a great way to generate brand awareness and attract potential customers to your business. Construction site branding strategies can include attractive artwork or minimal branding designs.


The ideas are great. But an idea is nothing without execution. This is where a design agency comes in. They understand the format inside out and make dedicated efforts to create branding strategies for hoardings for their clients. If you are looking for a real estate graphic designing agency in India, Zurich Design is the place to go. We have expertise in crafting compelling designs for real estate keeping in mind all the necessary elements required in real estate branding. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us today.